How To Make OSRS Gold For Beginners

It is exciting to see so many new players come in and buy 2007 RuneScape gold for OSRS. However, if you are a newer player aiming to play as F2P only, we have some suggestions of how you can make money right off the bat.

Copper Mining

To start mining copper ore, you need to be level 41. This can get you 60-100k cash depending on how prices are at the time of sale. There’s no requirement so anyone can do it.

New players will need 7 quest points in order to unlock the Grand Exchange market first before any type of trading occurs and these three easy quests have been known as some quick money makers: Romeo & Juliet, Cook’s Assistant, and Sheep Shearer all within a few minutes each without much hassle or requirements needed for one person who is just starting off their RuneScape journey!

Slaying Hill Giants

You want to be 13 magic for this so you can use Firestrike on the Hill Giants. They drop big bones which sell at 200 GP each, making killing them easy and cheap! Once you have enough of their bones, you can trade those on the Grand Exchange to make a quick profit.

Collecting Anti-dragon Shields

Oziach in Edgeville is well-known for his unique and simple method of making money. If you have 30 to 35 gp, then head over to Oziach’s house where he sells anti-dragon shields! These sell on the Grand Exchange (GE) around 75 GP each, so if you’re able to buy them from him at a lower price it’ll be an easy profit.

Killing Cows

Making money by killing cows is easy. There’s a large cow pen in Lumbridge with so many that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one to kill for its hide, which can be turned into leather and sold at the market for a good profit.

Making Anchovy Pizzas

Making these pizzas is the easiest thing in RuneScape. Use any plain pizza on some cooked anchovies and you’re good to go! You will only need level 55 Cooking, which isn’t too bad since it’s one of the fastest skills for leveling up. There are a ton of people who eat this type of food because they heal your health quickly; cooking them has a high market demand as well so that means more money for you.

In order to ease yourself into Old School Runescape, you can try out some of these simple ways that players earn money. You won’t get rich doing this but it’s a good way for newbies and veterans alike to dip their feet in the water so they know what kind of content is available before committing any time or resources towards more dedicated methods like buying RuneScape membership

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