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Home Inspector in Cape Coral, FL - Win Home Inspections.

Mar 10


Home Inspector in Cape Coral, FL - Win Home Inspections.

Spring has arrived in Cape Coral, FL, and so have the pests! As a homeowner, it's important to take preventative measures to protect your home from potential infestations. Fortunately, Win Home Inspections, your trusted home inspector, is here to share some easy tips to keep pests out of your home.

Start by sealing any cracks and gaps in your home's exterior. Even the smallest openings can provide an entrance for pests to infiltrate your home. Check around windows, doors, vents, pipes, and the foundation for any openings and use caulk, weatherstripping, or wire mesh to seal them up.

Keeping a clean home is also important in deterring pests. Pests are attracted to food and water sources, so regularly cleaning up spills and crumbs, storing food in airtight containers, and taking out the trash can make a big difference. Fixing leaks and keeping your sink and counters dry can also help.

Removing clutter is another way to prevent infestations. Pests love to hide in clutter, so go through your home and get rid of any unnecessary items that could provide hiding spots for pests.

At Win Home Inspections, we believe that a little prevention can go a long way in protecting your home. Contact us today to schedule your next home inspection and ensure your home is in tip-top shape!

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