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Nov 21

Clogged drains that result in blockages in multiple bathrooms, toilets that repeatedly clog, and wastewater backing up into your bathroom and kitchen are a good indicator that you main sewer line is clogged. Plungers and snakes aren’t going to make a dent in a 20-year build-up of cooking grease and body wash residue. You need a serious plumbing tools to tackle a severe sewer pipe blockage, and the tool of choice in this situation is called Hydro Jetting.

Hydro-jetting is the go to tool of choice in a plumber’s tool chest, turning water into a pressurized stream that will dislodge and flush away any residue in your sewer line. When the process is complete, Champion Plumbing will perform an internal video inspection of your sewer line to confirm that the clog has been cleared.

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