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Nov 23

Termite Holes in Wesley Chapel


What do Termite Holes Look like?

You might be wondering why you have found these small holes in the wood of your Wesley Chapel home. This is often a sign that drywood termites are active. Drywood termites will leave their nests when they swarm in spring and summer. They tunnel through the wood they nest in, creating exit holes. Termite exit holes are often mistaken for other wood-destroying insects. It is important to understand what they look like.

What Does Termites Do to Wood?

Although most termites species swarm to form new colonies and spawn, only one termite is responsible. It's the drywood termite. Subterranean termites can swarm but they don't leave any exit holes in the wood. Subterranean termites travel underground to build their nests and then through mud tubes. These mud tubes serve as their exit from nests. Termite holes are a sign of the presence or absence of drywood termites on your property. Wood above ground is where drywood termites can be found, including attics, garages, trees, and trees.

How to identify termite holes

How can you tell if the tiny holes are caused by termites? Exit holes are usually best identified by a professional. It's worth knowing the following information about termite holes.
Termite exit holes measure approximately 1/8 inch in diameter. 
The nest's termite nymphs will use a paste of frass to fill the holes once the swarmer termites have left the nest.
It is fast and easy to plug the holes, so it is rare that there are still holes visible in the wood.

What Insects Leave Holes on Wood?

Termite exit holes can be confused with those made by other wood-destroying insects. These insects include carpenter bees and carpenter ants. Each one of these insects has a unique behavior and prefers different wood types, so it can be difficult to identify which wood-boring pest you are dealing with. It is important to call your local pest control company to help identify termites and holes caused by other pests in the home.

Wesley Chapel Termite Inspections

Wesley Chapel Pest Control Pros understands how distressing it can be to see holes in wooden structures. Our termite experts will inspect your property and identify any other wood-destroying insects. You can rest assured that they will be there to help you. We can help you identify termite exit holes on your Wesley Chapel FL property.
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